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    Deborah Kuhlmann Papers (1989-1991)
    (1989) Kuhlmann, Deborah
    The Deborah Kuhlmann papers consist of journals, photographs,souvenirs, and documents related to the Texas Clipper cruises from 1989-1991. This includes the silver anniversary cruise that took place in 1989.
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    Reginald Wilson Papers, 1972-2012
    (1972) Wilson, Reginald
    Research files of Dr. Wilson pertaining to the lives and associates of Jean and Pierre Lafitte, pirates/privateers living in Louisiana and Galveston, Texas. The collection consists of subject files containing letters, emails, articles, news clippings and other reports and accounts. A number of files pertain to the issues of authenticity regarding the Jean Laffite diary.
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    Delbert D. Sprague Papers (T/S Texas Clippper 1965 Cruise Records)
    (1965) Sprague, Delbert D.
    Master electrician and former student of the Texas Maritime Academy (TMA) at Texas A&M University at Galveston. Consists of a collection of records from the first voyage of the training ship, Texas Clipper, during the 1965 cruise, including the crew List, a deck plan, , a billet and station card, and brochures and post cards from the various stops of the voyage, including Halifax, Nova Scotia; Copenhagen, Denmark; Southampton, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; Hamilton, Bermuda; and Miami, Florida. A blueprint of the air conditioning systems for the American Export Vessels which pertained to four ships, one of which was the SS Excambion that became the Texas Clipper was probably used in Sprague’s role as electrician on the ship. In addition, there is an article about the Texas Maritime Academy in the Port Houston Magazine and a patch from the N/S Savannah, a rare nuclear-powered ship visited by the TMA cadets on February 10, 1963, while it was in dry dock at Todd Shipyards in Galveston.
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    The Galveston Bay National Estuary Program Papers, 1975-2006, Bulk 1989-1993
    (1989) Galveston Bay National Estuary Program; Galveston Bay Information Center
    The Galveston Bay Estuary Program was established in 1989 with the mission to preserve Galveston Bay. The materials include papers, reports, bound draft reports, photographs, slides, and other media. The subjects covered include creation of the Program, creation of the Galveston Bay Plan, materials and photos of events, information about the Galveston Bay Information Center at TAMUG, and the Citizen’s Monitoring Program.
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    Joseph Maxwell "Max" Teare Papers
    (1963) Teare, Joseph Maxwell; Teare, Max
    Joseph Maxwell “Max” Teare was a student at the Texas Maritime Academy and from 1964-1967 and currently works at Texas A&M Galveston as the 2nd mate on the training ship. The papers include letters, grade reports, news clipping, brochures, photographs, and slides pertaining to Teare’s experience at the Texas Maritime Academy.
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    James McCloy Collection
    (1981) McCloy, James
    James “Jim” McCloy was a professor at Texas A&M University at Galveston and served in many other roles at the university. The bulk of this collection consists of slides in addition to cd’s, microfilm, and a film reel. It covers a variety of beach and coastal related subjects and includes a few personal and academic slides.
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    Galveston Bay Information Center Maritime Human Factors Database Project Papers, 1994-1996
    (1994) Galveston Bay Information Center
    The Maritime Human Factors Database Project ran from 1995-1996. The purpose of this project was to develop bibliographic and information electronic resources supporting maritime human factors research by the federal and state maritime academies of the United States, with the goal of better serving a dynamic maritime industry.
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    Houston Ship Channel Waste Load Evaluation Papers, 1964-1987
    (Texas Department of Water Resources, 1964) Texas Department of Water Resources
    Houston Ship Channel Waste Load Evaluation. This collection includes correspondence, maps, original collected data regarding wastewater levels. In order to meet the requirements of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972, the Texas Dept. of Water Resources (TDWR) developed Waste Load Evaluations which included the wastewater treatments levels. In 1979, the TDWR began the process of review of the Waste Load Evaluation of the Houston Ship Channel. The review process includes collecting water quality data from the channel and its tributaries, and then using a mathematical model to project water quality. The tributaries include: Bray's Bayou; Greens Bayou; and Halls Bayou.
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    Henry N. Hooper Bell, 1857
    (1857) Hooper, Henry; de Vries, Robbie
    One bell, cast by Henry N. Hooper and Company in Boston, 1857. Originally purchased to serve as the tower bell in the center of the Texas A&M University at Galveston campus, the bell is currently displayed in the library. Robbie de Vries and twelve other donors acquired the bell by auction in 1987.
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    S.S. United States Papers
    (1969) de Vries, Robbie
    This is a collection of artifacts from the S.S. United States. The artifacts include a flag, bible, linens, silverware, menu, landing card, and other paper artifacts from the ship. They were bought by Robbie de Vries and donated to the University.
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    Galveston Harbor Model Papers, 1936-1937, 1991
    (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1936) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    Copies of the original field forms (typed by the District from the raw field sheets, which no longer exist) of the current velocity surveys conducted by the Galveston District during the 1930s, to provide supporting and verification data for a physical model to be built at Waterways.
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    Texas Coastal Higher Education Authority, Inc. Papers, 1981-1983
    (1981) Texas Coastal Higher Education Authority, Inc.
    1 loose leaf notebook from the Texas Coastal Higher Education authority. The papers deal with a student loan program.
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    R. Dale Olson and Diane Olson Papers, 2001-2013
    (2001) Olson, R. Dale
    A collection of scripts, letters, photos, and journals entries on the subject of the Laffites.
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    Laffite Society Papers, 1806-2016 (Bulk 1995-2015)
    (1806-2016 (Bulk 1995-2015)) Laffite Society
    Organized in 1975 as the Laffite Study Group by a group of historians, it reorganized in 1994 as the Laffite Society in Galveston, Texas, as a study and social group researching the lives, descendants and associates of privateer brothers Jean and Pierre Laffite who lived on Galveston Island, 1817-1821. The records include the publications of both organizations, membership rosters, programs and copies of presentations, photographs and other materials. In addition, members and historians have contributed research files containing copies of articles and correspondence pertaining to facts and myths about the Laffites. They include information about descendants of the Laffites; friends and associates of their group; significant locales and topics of interest, such as slavery, piracy, privateering; connections in Louisiana, France, Mexico, and South America; and political associations dating from the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson, Napoleon and many others.
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    Stephen Curley Papers, 1939-2007
    (1939-2007) Curley, Stephen
    Author and English faculty member at Texas A&M University at Galveston. Graduate of Fordham University (B.A.); and Rice University (Ph.D.) Contains subject and chronological files pertaining to the research for the book, The Ship that Would Not Die: USS Queens, SS Excambion, and the Texas Clipper. Dr. Curley conducted exhaustive research on a single ship that began its life as an attack transport in World War II. In 1946, the ship was purchased by the American Export Lines to become the SS Excambion, one of the “Four Aces” cruise ships. In 1965, the ship transitioned into the much beloved training ship, the Texas Clipper, for the Texas Maritime Academy until its retirement in 1996. In 2007, the Texas Clipper made it final voyage off the coast of Texas where it was sunk to become an artificial reef.
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    Aaron Robert "Babe" Schwartz Papers
    (1967) Schwartz, Aaron Robert "Babe"
    Aaron Robert “Babe” Schwartz, Texas state senator, lawyer, and professor, was born to Russian immigrant parents in Galveston, Texas on July 17, 1926. Schwartz taught Ocean and Coastal Law at The University of Houston Law Center for 7 semesters, Texas A&M University at Galveston for three semesters, and one semester at the University of Texas at Austin law school. Since 1981 he has served as a lobbyist, which includes lobbying for environmental projects and causes. Schwartz is well known for his protection of the Open Beaches Act, which protects public access to state beaches.
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    Jacques Cousteau (left) and A.R. "Babe" Schwartz (center) at the dedication of the Texas A&M Oceanography Building in 1973
    (1973) Unknown
    Jacques Cousteau (left) and Texas State Senator Aaron R. "Babe" Schwartz (center) at the dedication of the Texas A&M University Oceanography Building in College Station, 1973.
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    Donna Callenius Lang Collection
    (1991) Lang, Donna Callenius
    Vice President for Academic Relations, Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG). TAMUG Graduate (1988). Two volumes of photographs, news clippings, brochures, handouts and other memorabilia from the 1990 and 1991 Summer Cruises of the T/S Texas Clipper, the training ship of the Texas Maritime Academy (TMA). Employed by the university in 1988, Donna Callenius cruised on the Texas Clipper as the Student Affairs Representative and Counselor during the 1990-91 voyages. The 1990 Cruise visited Stavanger, Norway; Rotterdam, Netherlands; and Funchal, Madeira Islands. The 1991 Cruise made stops in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; San Juan Puerto Rico; Fort De France, Martinique; Belize City, Belize; and Vera Cruz, Mexico. During a stop in Panama, the Texas Clipper met and exchanged student crewmembers with the Russian training ship Professor Anischov from the Odessa Higher Engineering Marine School in the Ukraine. Both ships returned to Galveston.
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    William H. Hall Collection
    (1973) Hall, William H
    Graduate of Texas A&M University (Ph.D., 1973); Faculty member at Texas A&M University, College Station and Galveston and University of Houston at Clear Lake. Voyage journal; photographs (slides and captions); class records for "First Aid for Mariners"; penciled drawings from the cruise; and miscellaneous records and maps pertaining to the details of the trip. Dr. Hall served as the freshman English teacher for the 1973 summer cruise of the Texas Maritime Academy aboard the T/S Texas Clipper. Hall taught the seventy-plus “Prep Cadets,” spring high school graduates who earned six hours of college credit in the “Summer School at Sea” program at Texas A&M University at Galveston while they were handed the lowest cleaning /maintenance jobs on the ship. They were also exposed to the maritime careers at A&M. The journal and the log of captions for the photographs provide details into the daily life of the cruise faculty and student crewmembers, and the locales they visited, including Tenerife, Ocean Station (solar eclipse), Barcelona, Naples, Funchal, St. Thomas, and New Orleans. The 1973 cruise played a role as a floating scientific research platform during the solar eclipse, using NASA communications and weather satellite gear, borrowed from Jacques Cousteau’s research ship “Calypso.”
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    Galveston Bay Water Quality Survey Records, 1962-1976
    (1976) --
    An organization established by the Texas Water Pollution Control Board under the direction of the State Health Department and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to monitor water quality in the Galveston Bay area. This collection contains correspondence files, reports, financial records, and compilations of sampling data. Concerned with the tremendous industrial-population explosion in the Houston/Galveston area, the Board asked the State Health Department and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to conduct an extensive survey of the Galveston Bay Area. The survey area was to include the East Bay, West Bay, Trinity Bay, Galveston Bay, Clear Creek and Clear Lake, Houston Ship Channel, Dickinson Bayou, Highland Bayou, and chocolate Bayou. Between March 1-April 1, 1964, samples were gathered and given to the University of Texas Center for Research in Water Resources to analyse. After the initial report, the Board announced that the State Health Dept. and the Parks and Wildlife would continue the Galveston Bay Survey to maintain surveillance.