Laffite Society Papers, 1806-2016 (Bulk 1995-2015)


1806-2016 (Bulk 1995-2015)


Laffite Society

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Organized in 1975 as the Laffite Study Group by a group of historians, it reorganized in 1994 as the Laffite Society in Galveston, Texas, as a study and social group researching the lives, descendants and associates of privateer brothers Jean and Pierre Laffite who lived on Galveston Island, 1817-1821. The records include the publications of both organizations, membership rosters, programs and copies of presentations, photographs and other materials. In addition, members and historians have contributed research files containing copies of articles and correspondence pertaining to facts and myths about the Laffites. They include information about descendants of the Laffites; friends and associates of their group; significant locales and topics of interest, such as slavery, piracy, privateering; connections in Louisiana, France, Mexico, and South America; and political associations dating from the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson, Napoleon and many others.



finding aid, Laffite, manuscript collection, pirates, Galveston