Delbert D. Sprague Papers (T/S Texas Clippper 1965 Cruise Records)




Sprague, Delbert D.

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Master electrician and former student of the Texas Maritime Academy (TMA) at Texas A&M University at Galveston. Consists of a collection of records from the first voyage of the training ship, Texas Clipper, during the 1965 cruise, including the crew List, a deck plan, , a billet and station card, and brochures and post cards from the various stops of the voyage, including Halifax, Nova Scotia; Copenhagen, Denmark; Southampton, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; Hamilton, Bermuda; and Miami, Florida. A blueprint of the air conditioning systems for the American Export Vessels which pertained to four ships, one of which was the SS Excambion that became the Texas Clipper was probably used in Sprague’s role as electrician on the ship. In addition, there is an article about the Texas Maritime Academy in the Port Houston Magazine and a patch from the N/S Savannah, a rare nuclear-powered ship visited by the TMA cadets on February 10, 1963, while it was in dry dock at Todd Shipyards in Galveston.



Texas Clipper, training ship, summer cruise, finding aid