A practical chemical method for killing mussels and other oyster competitors.




MacKenzie, C.L., Jr.

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U.S. Bureau of Commercial Fisheries


The onset of a heavy presence has concerned many oyster fisheries in Connecticut. The increase in the abundance of mussels that are now residing on the oysters that are being harvested is a huge concern. The presence of the mussels is causing an increase in the cost of harvesting, cleaning, and man power required. It is also effecting the health and life expectancy of the oyster beds because of the smothering effect that the mussels have. This increase in the cost of harvesting and decrease in harvest numbers in oysters has led many to research the possibility of oyster reef treatment to prevent mussel. The article discusses various chemical treatments that are tried on the oysters to see if it prevents mussel accumulation. The cost of treatment was even equated to be less than the hand removal method being used at the time. The results were conclusive in that the method of dipping and air storage of transplanted material can easily become a part of oyster culture.


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mollusk, shellfish fisheries, mollusk fisheries, oyster fisheries, oysters, marine mollusk, oyster reefs