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A collection of information relating to the Galveston Bay Complex and surrounding areas collected over the past 30+ years - most items with abstracts, many with links to documents and publications.


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    Water Resources Development in Texas 1991
    (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Southwestern Division, 1991) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is an engineer consultant agency to Congress. Most Corps' water resources projects are developed under specific congressional authorization. When local interests think a need exists for construction or improvement of a water resources project, they petition their representatives in Congress. The senator or congressman then requests that the appropriate congressional committee direct the Corps of Engineers to make a survey and determine if a viable solution exists. Authority for the survey study is provided either in the form of a resolution adopted by the appropriate Senate or House committee or by a congressional act. After approval, congressional appropriations are required to provide funding for the Corps to initiate the survey study.
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    Morphological Monitoring of a Storm-Dominated Microtidal Barrier Island, Galveston Island's Westend, Texas, USA
    (2004) Joiner, Nicole; Wren, P. Ansley; Dellapenna, Timothy; McInnes, Andrew
    1 CD-ROM with powerpoint/poster, project background, and project abstract. This pilot project is an ongoing monitoring program which quantifies the relationships between temporal and spatial scales of morphologic change on a heavily developed and modified transgressive barrier island. This project incorporates not only traditional cross-shore profiling techniques, but also established an along-shore spatial monitoring technique to determine shoreline migration. This involves tracing the wet line immediately after the high tide utilizing a post processed kinematic GPS mounted on an all terrain vehicle. Weekly monitoring enables determination of shoreline migration and deviation due to storm events and annual cycles. Archiving and analyses of these shore-term changes provides a long time series of shoreline position which will be used to project future coastal change. Preliminary results indicate that in response to astronomical tidal cycles and non-storm wave energies there is a net sediment migration from the northeast to the southwest. In October 2004 the Upper Texas Coast experienced a peripheral high energy event due to Hurricane Ivan. Consequently, the existing nourished templates were heavily scoured and introduced into the littoral system resulting in significant accretion at the extreme west end of the island.
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    A Virtual Tour of Cedar Bayou
    (2001-01) Palmer, Cathy; Shead, Linda; Baker, Bill; Nelson, Marie; Kuhlman, Chris; Sacra, Breck
    CD-ROM with one powerpoint. Virtual tour of Cedar Bayou, with pictures and descriptions.
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    A Day on Galveston Bay
    (2000) Galveston Bay Estuary Program
    1 video.
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    The Galveston Bay Plan: the Comprehensive and Management Plan for the Galveston Bay Ecosystem
    (1994-10) Galveston Bay Estuary Program
    Copy of the Galveston Bay Plan on one CD-ROM.
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    Science of Galveston Bay
    (2006) Galveston Bay Foundation
    One CD-ROM. Disk Contents: Item 1: Science of Galveston Bay, Item 2: Commercial Shrimp Handout, Item 3: Shrimply Fun, Item 4: Galveston Bay Jeopardy Game 1, Item 5: Galveston Bay Jeopardy Game 2, Item 6: Galveston Bay Jeopardy Game 3, Item 7: Fact Sheets.
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    Galveston Bay Estuary Program Local Government
    (2001-08) Turner, Collie, & Braden Inc.
    One CD-ROM. Comprable Point and Non-point source loadings maps phase II model storm water management program workshop presentations.
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    Bay Day Exhibit Materials
    Materials from the Bay Day Exhibit. Includes photos, GBIC dedication pamphlet, Habitat Conservation Blueprint, posters, and GBIC information packet.
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    Christmas Bay Coastal Preserve Management Plan
    (1992-10) Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
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    Shellfish Challenge Plan
    (1996-04) Interagency Strategic Assessment Team
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    Proceedings: Gulf and South Atlantic Shellfish Sanitation Research Conference
    (1967-03) U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
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    Galveston Bay Bibliography Computer Access Guide
    (Galveston Bay Information Center, 1992) Galveston Bay Information Center
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    Eighth Biennial State of the Bay Symposium
    (Galveston Bay Estuary Program, 2007-01)
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    Galveston Bay Information Center Bibliography Standards Manual
    (Galveston Bay Information Center, 2006) Galveston Bay Information Center
    Manual includes the following tabs: Accession #, call #, author, title, item type, location date, geo keywords, subject terms abstract, physical descrip, acq. date, acq. source, entry center, history, university, editor, publisher, place pub., scale/lat/long, source, notes, contract #, series, article, atlas book, bulletin, cd, chapter, correspondence, diskette, dissertation, DVD, flyers, manuscript, maps, meetings, pamphlet, photographs, posters, press release, proposal, slides, sound cassette.
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    Galveston Bay Information Center Instruction Manual
    (Galveston Bay Information Center, 2008) Galveston Bay Information Center
    Manual includes the following tabs: position description, general information, inventory/passwords, orientation to office, training, daily/monthly/quarterly operating notes, library mgt. procedures, cataloging info, account information, contract negotiations, progress report notes, project status, digital library, future overall projects, operations manual for programmer/analyst, and emergency/hurricane.
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    Gulf of Mexico Regional Transportation Management Plan Map
    (U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, New Orleans Outer Continental Shelf Office, 1981) GUlf of Mexico Regional Technical Working Group
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    Environmental Geologic Atlas, Texas Coastal Zone Galveston-Houston Sheet (Maps)
    (The University of Texas at Austin Bureau of Economic Geology, 1971) The University of Texas at Austin Bureau of Economic Geology
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    Use of on-going tagging programs to validate scale readings.
    (Iowa State University Press, 1987) Matlock, G.C.; Colura, R.L.; Maciorowski, A.F.; McEachron, L.W.
    Red drum is an economically important sport and commercial fish along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States. Continuation of these fisheries depends on reliable age and growth information for use in yield models. Red drum have been aged using length-frequency distributions, scales, otoliths, and mark-recapture methods, but none of the methods have been validated for wild populations. An on-going tagging program for red drum n Texas bays was used to determine if valid annuli are formed on scales.
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    House Bill No. 2
    An act relating to the conservation, development, and protection and enhancement of the quality of, and flood and subsidence control for, surface and underground water and providing various financing mechanisms to finance conservation, development, and protection and enhancement of the quality of, and flood, subsidence control, recharge, and chloride control for, surface and underground water and agricultural soil and water conservation.