Potential onshore effects of deepwater oil terminal-related industrial development




Arthur D. Little, Inc.

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Council on Environmental Quality


An assessment of the onshore, or secondary, effects of deepwater terminal development on each of five areas (Machias, Maine; the vicinity of Sandy Hook, New Jersey; the Delaware Bay, New Jersey; Grand Isle, Louisiana; and Freeport, Texas) selected as terminal locations. The relative suitability of each area as a terminal site is affected by the relative impacts of a terminal on the area, including the additional industrial development, production, employment, air and water pollution, land use, population changes, etc., resulting from terminal development. The terminal impacts are related to the normal cumulative effects of growth processes on various individual areas and regions in order to illustrate their apparent capacity to accomodate terminal-related growth.


vol. 1-58 pgs.; vol. 2-238 pgs.; vol. 3-248 pgs.; vol. 4-302 pgs.


deep-water terminals, environmental impact, oil spills, methodology, economics, land use, aquatic environment, air pollution, water pollution, water use, crude oil, oil refineries, very large crude carriers (VLCCs)