Proceedings of the annual tropical and subtropical fisheries technological conference, Vol. II, March 8-10 1976, Corpus Christi, Texas.




Cobb, B.F., III.
Stockton, A.B.

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This collection of 18 papers constitutes the second volume of the Proceedings of the Tropical and Subtropical Fisheries Technological Conference held March 8-10, 1976 at Corpus Christi, Texas. Titles included are: Transfer of lipids through marine food chains; Lipid metabolism in Channel Catfish; Flavor problems in fish culture; Organoleptic and biochemical comparisons of cage raised and wild Striped Mullet; Utilization of insects as complimentary diet in Channel Catfish feeding; Utilization of small mullet by a cold smoking process; Potential demersal fish fisheries in the Northwest Gulf of Mexico; Notes on the underutilized fishery resources of the Gulf of Mexico; Salt minced cod; Yield and quality of mechanically separated flesh from several species of cultured freshwater fish; The effect of washing on color and texture of minced croaker; Functional properties influencing texture; Selected textural properties of cooked minced Atlantic Cutlass fish sticks; Roller extraction of crab meat; The economics of the commercial development of Gulf of Mexico bottomfish; Market potential for fish as an extender in meat products; An economic analysis of effort and yield in the Florida Spiny Lobster industry; and Publicity supported seafood product development research.


277 p.


marine fish, fishery resources, fisheries, processing fishery products, commercial fishing