Trends in Texas Commercial Fishery Landings, 1972-1998




Robinson, Lance, Page Campbell, and Linda Butler

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Texas Parks & Wildlife, Coastal Fisheries Division


This report summarized annual commercial landings and ex-vessel value statistics or finfish and shellfish harvested from Texas bays and the Gulf of Mexico off Texas. Seafood dealers submitted monthly reports of purchase of shrimp, finfish, crabs, and oysters to either Texas Parks and Wildlife or National Marine Fisheries Service. These landings and value data for individual species groups were summarized by bay or Gulf area from which the product was taken by month landed. Total coastwide landings in 1998 were more than 94 million pounds with an ex-vessel value of over $190 million.


176 pgs.


finfish, alligator gar, atlantic croaker, atlantic cutlassfish, atlantic moonfish, atlantic spadefish, black drum, bluefish, blue runner, cobia, codfish, crevalle jack, cusk eel, dolphin, flounder, florida pompano, gafftopsail catfish, great barracuda, greater amberjack, grouper, gulf butterfish, herrings, killifish, kingfish, mackerel, menhaden, mullet, oilfish, pinfish, pigfish, porgies, red drum, seatrout, shark, sheepshead, snake eel, snapper, snook, stingray, swordfish, tilefish, triggerfish, tuna, atlantic bay scallop, atlantic rangia, crab, oyster, lobster, shrimp, rock shrimp, mantis shrimp, royal red shrimp, seabob, squid