Port collection & separation facilities for oily wastes. Vol. 1: Collection, treatment, and disposal of oily water wastes from ships.




Forster, R.L.
Moyer, J.E.
Firstman, S.I.

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Frederic R. Harris, Incorporated


The types of oil wastes brought into selected ports, (including Houston, Texas), by non-military shipping are identified. Estimates of quantities, based on total prohibition of overboard dumping, brought in during 1970 and anticipated for 1975 and 1980 are made. Conceptual designs for collecting, treating and disposing of the oil wastes with no additional environmental degradation along with cost estimates were made for the selected ports. The roles of Government are explored, the impact on shipping is evaluated and the overall entrepreneurial viability of the concept discussed. It is intended that this report serve as a guide for any U.S. port contemplating a Port Collection and Separtation Facility.


236 p.


oil wastes, ocean dumping, environmental impact, harbors, government policy, legal aspects, harbor regulations, collections