Revised Draft Environmental Statement by the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, related to the proposed Manufacture of Floating Nuclear Power Plants, Offshore Power Plants



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United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission


This is the third of a three-part Environmental Statement related to the proposed action described below. This Draft Statement is a Supplement to the Final Environmental Statement, Part II (NUREG-0056) issued in September 1976 in that it provides new information relative to the enviromental effects of postulated nuclear accidents previously discussed in the FES, Part II. This statement also provides a generalized comparison of the overall risks and consequences between floating and land-based nuclear power plants regarding the accidental releases of radioactive materials to the environment. Furthermore, it presents an integrated cost-benefit analysis as related to the proposed manufacturing license action, considering the conclusions reached in each of the three parts of the Environmental Statement. This Draft Statement has been issued in its revised form to reflect the conclusions reached by the staff in the Final Liquid Pathway Generic Study Report (NUREG-0440) February 1978, which compares the impacts of accidental radioactive releases to the hydrosphere from floating and land-based nuclear power plants.


Approximately 200 pages


offshore nuclear power plant, nuclear disaster planning, nuclear energy, environmental impacts, offshore energy development