Oysters as indicators of bioavailable butyltins in Galveston Bay, Texas




Wade, Terry L, Yaorong Qian, Jose L. Sericano, and David Wylie

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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission


Tributyltin (TBT), an active ingredient in antifouling paint, and its degradation products continue to be detected in the environment ten years after the use of TBT was regulated. TBT was an excellent choice to solve the costly problem of fouling of the hulls of boats and ships. Although an effective antifouling agent, tributyltin adversely affects non-target organisms. TBT and its degradation products, dibutyltin (DBT) and monobutyltin (MBT) were detected in oysters from Galveston Bay collected as part of NOAA's National Status and Trends (NS&T) mussel watch program. The results from 1986 to 1997 of oyster analyses from Galveston Bay NS&T sites is presented. The Galveston Bay sites (6) where oyster butyltin concentrations were determined include: Hanna Reef (GBHR); Ship Channel (GBSC); Yacht Club (GBYC); Todd's Dump (GBTD); Offatts Bayou (GBOB); Confederate Reef (GBCR).


pgs. 31-33


tributyltin (TBT), dibutyltin (DBT), monobutyltin (MBT), bivalves, indicators