A Plan for the North Carolina Estuary Study



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Coastal Zone Resources Corporation


This plan of study is to provide the Commissioner with the enumeration of components, sources of information, and the sequence of events leading to the preparation of the plan required by the General Assembly. The study should be directed to preparation of a comprehensive and enforcible plan for the conservation of the resources of the estuaries, the development of their shorelines, and the use of the coastal zone of North Carolina. It may include an analysis of the quality, quantity, and movement of estuarine waters, ecological balance of the estuaries, and the economic interest of the coastal zone. The study may examine all plans for use of the estuaries and coastal zone, and may give consideration to the plans of cities, counties, regions, and State agencies and take into account varying programs and resources of the respective estuarine regions.


Approximately 200 pages


coastal planning, coastal zone management, estuary management, conservation, ecology