The Clean Water Act 20 years later




Adler, R.W.
Landman, J.C.
Cameron, D.M.

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Island Press


The authors explore the many and varied issues associated with the complex subject of water quality protection in this assessment of the successes and failures of the Clean Water Act over the past twenty years. In addition to examining traditional indicators of water quality, the authors consider how health concerns of the public have been addressed and present a detailed look at the ecological health of our waters taken together, these measures present a far more complete and balanced picture than raw water quality data alone. The book includes specific recommendations for the reauthorization of the Act. This balanced and insightful account will surely shape the debate among legislative and policy experts and citizen activists at all levels who are concerned with issues of water quality.


320 p.


water analysis, water quality, water pollution, water treatment, legislation, water quality control, public health, aquatic communities, ecosystems, economics