Texas Energy Scenarios



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Texas Governor's Energy Advisory Council


This report presents four scenarios of the future of energy in the State of Texas. The first case is a Baseline Scenario which projects the future as it might have appeared during the relatively stable period from 1967 to 1970. This is then compared with a Market Forces Scenario in which various constraints on the operation of the U.S. market are removed. A Regulated Conservation Scenario and a New Technology Scenario are then presented to illustrate the trends that might result from government actions aimed at reducing demand or increasing supply. The desired objectives of the State's Energy Policy have been expressed by the Council in the following terms: - To ensure that energy supply is adequate to meet the basic needs and aspirations of the population; - To ensure that the State's Industry and Agricultutre are maintained; - To responsibly maintain environmental quality; - To recognize the State's responsibilities to the Nation and the Nation's obligations in foreign affairs.


74 pages


market forecasting, energy policy, energy usage