Isolation of Vibrio cholerae from aquatic birds in Colorado and Utah




Ogg, J.E.
Ryder, R.A.
Smith, H.L.

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American Society for Microbiology


Vibrio cholerae was isolated from cloacal swabs and freshly voided feces collected from 20 species of aquatic birds in Colorado and Utah during 1986 and 1987. About 17% (198 of 1,131) fecal specimens collected from July 1986 through August 1987 contained the organism. Both O1 and non-O1 V. cholerae strains were isolated from the fecal specimens. Isolates from eight birds (representing five species) agglutinated in O group 1 antiserum. Supernatants of broth cultures from three isolates which typed as V. cholerae O1 serotype Ogawa gave reactions typical of cholera toxin when tested on Y-1 mouse adrenal cell cultures. Several serovars of non-O1 V. cholerae were isolated from the fecal specimens; serovar 22 was the most prevalent type. All non-O1 isolates were cyctotoxic to Y-1 mouse adrenal cells. Only non-O1 V. cholerae was detected in water samples collected from the habitat of the birds. The results of this study suggest that aquatic birds serve as carriers and disseminate V. cholerae over a wide area.


pgs. 95-99


Vibrio cholerae, aquatic birds