Ground water resources of Liberty County, Texas.




Anders, R.B.
McAdoo, G.D.
Alexander, W.H.

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The aquifers in Liberty County contain large quantities of fresh water that extend to depths as great as 1,800 feet below sea level. The development of the county's ground-water resources resulted primarily from the increased use of ground water for rice irrigation. In 1965, an estimated 51.2 mgd (million gallons per day) of ground water was used in the county: 48.9 mgd (54,814 acre-feet), about 95 percent of the total, was used to irrigate about 18,400 acres of rice; and 1.6 mgd, about 3 percent of the total, was used for public supply. During the same year, an estimated 55,000 acre-feet of water was pumped from the Trinity River for the irrigation of an additional 18,400 acres of rice. Ground-water use can be increased to about 200 mgd if most of the development is restricted to the northern and central parts of the county. This estimate is based on a preliminary appraisal of the ground-water resources and is subject to revision as more data become available. However, this estimate is in agreement with data from the adjacent Houston district, where under similar ground-water conditions, about 400 mgd is being used.


155 p.


water resources, ground water, irrigation, water use