Proximity of Streams to Landfills in North-Central Texas


1995 Aug


Hudak PF
Langley W

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A geographic information system was used to identify segments of the upper Trinity River drainage network that ate within various distance thresholds of solid waste landfills. U.S. Geological Survey digital line graph (DLG) data were used to create a hydrography coverage for the study area. Landfill coordinates were obtained from a database maintained by the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission. At a map scale of 1:100,000, 54 km (0.42%) of the drainage network are located within 100 m of at least one landfill and 25 km of these stream segments are upstream of water supply reservoirs. The approach employed herein can prioritize local hydrogeologic investigations and facilitate strategic environmental monitoring to indicate potential landfill-derived contamination of surface water resources




conservation, CONTAMINATION, DISTANCE, monitoring, reservoir, river, scale, STREAM, STREAMS, SURFACE, survey, TEXAS, Trinity River, TX, WATER