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Galveston Bay National Estuary Program.


The Galveston Bay National Estuary Program (GBNEP)is a management conference composed of six committees and a Program Office.This organizational structure is shown in Figure 1.The committee members were appointed under the authority of Governor William P.Clements,Jr.,and Robert Layton,Administrator,EPA Region VI,to represent the broadest possible spectrum of interested Galveston Bay users.One committee, the Galveston Bay Public Forum, is open to anyone with a desire to join. Numerous subcommittees have also been appointed for specific tasks, and these may also include individuals who are not conference members. The function of the GBNEP is to create a Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for Galveston Bay by September of 1994.This is part of a larger national EPA National Estuary Program to improve conditions in the nation's significant estuaries. Accomplishing this task will involve numerous environmental and economic factors, and an integration of the diverse agency jurisdictions now applying to Galveston Bay. Detailed plans for this work are outlined in the EPA-State Management Conference Agreement (Publication GBNEP-1,available from the Program Office). The GBNEP is administered by the Program Manager and staff, who are Texas Water Commission employees hired with the approval of the Policy Committee. The Program Office is located at the University of Houston-Clear Lake Campus.


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