Do we need more waterbird nesting islands in Galveston Bay, Texas? (and if so, how and where do we build them?)




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ASCE, New York, NY, USA


A study was undertaken to address the biological need for construction of additional colonial waterbird nesting islands in Galveston Bay and to recommend location and methods if deemed desirable. Population trends of three selected nesting groups (guilds) of waterbirds, nesting habitat trends at important islands, comparisons with populations in a similar estuary, and opinions of Texas waterbird experts were considered. Population trends showed probable recent declines in two of three nesting guilds, and a probable increase in one. Habitat trends were inconclusive in acreage terms, but loss of several important nesting islands was demonstrated. Populations in Galveston Bay for the species analyzed were roughly similar to Mobile Bay. Findings are that an additional waterbird nesting island built in lower Galveston Bay reasonably close to a source of dredged material could benefit desirable colonial waterbirds. Construction and management recommendations are given




Contamination, Dredging, Ecosystems, Environmental protection, Inland waterways, Project management, Sediments, Strategic planning, Waste utilization