Environmental Quality in the Gulf of Mexico: A Citizen's Guide




Weber, Michael, Richard T. Twonsend and Rose Bierce

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Center for Marine Conservation


This book discusses many aspects of environmental quality in the gulf of mexico. These aspects include physical features, gulf coast ecosystems, principle economic activities in the gulf; major environmental issues in the gulf of mexico and opportunities for citizens to become involved with issues of the gulf of mexico.


132 pgs.


environmental protection, economic aspects, conservation, natural resources, ecosystems, coastal barriers, saltmarshes, mangrove forests, estuaries, seagrass beds, coral reefs, cold seeps, tourism, commercial fisheries, recreational fisheries, offshore oil and gas production, hard mineral mining, agriculture, merchant shipping, petroleum refining, chemical manufacturing, coastal zone management, coastal barrier protection, sewage, discharges, urban and agricultural runoff, transport of oil and hazardous substances, oil and gas drilling, wetland losses, fisheries management, endangered wildlife, marine mammals, marine debris, legislative action