Ecological survey data for environmental considerations on the Trinity River and tributaries, Texas




Fisher, C.D.
Hall, D.D.
Jones, H.L.
McCullough, J.D.
Nixon, E.S.

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Stephen F. Austin State University


The general objective of the study was to provide a base of scientific data to be used in evaluating the ecological significance of future water development plans on the Trinity River. The specific objectives were: (1) to determine the degree of existing eutrophication and water pollution; (2) to study ecological factors influencing the distribution and abundance of fishes, birds, and mammals; (3) to describe and analyze representative plant communities; (4) to describe and analyze terrestrial and aquatic macroinvertebrate communities; (5) to locate geological structures of ecological and economic significance and to analyze their present and potential effects on biotic communities; and (6) to analyze certain lignite deposits for heavy metals and sulfur and analyze their potential effects on biotic communities.


2 volumes


ecology, water pollution, eutrophication, biological surveys, geological structures, freshwater fish, aquatic birds, environmental factors, abundance, ecological distribution