A Methodology for Determining Land Value and Associated Benefits Created from Dredged Material Containment




Conrad, E.T. and Andre J. Pack

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station


This report presents step-by-step methodology for determining land values and associated benefits from the productive use of dredged material containment sites. A discussion of productive sues of dredged material sites, their physical characteristics, institutional and legal constraints, and local land demand is included, as well as an overview of property valuation. The methodology is presented and discussed in terms of such parameters as site description, establishment of use potential, value estimation, and associated benefits and impacts. Working tables are presented. The resulting land value and the associated benefits and impacts created by dredged material containment should be explicit inputs to the formulation of plans in accordance with Principles and Standards for Water and Related Land Resource Planning and Corps of Engineers regulations. Fifteen case studies of productively used dredged material containment sites were conducted to validate and refine the methodology. One of the case studies was used in this report as a site-specific example of how the methodology can be applied. All fifteen case studies are included as Appendices A through O.


116 pgs.


dredging, environmental aspects, land use, valuation, waste disposal sites