Elite Attitudes toward Marshlands in South Carolina



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South Carolina Sea Grant


The major purpose [of this study] was to go beneath the acrimonious debate in the mass media and on the floor of the legislature to consider systematically the opinions, information levels, and perceptions of decision-making elites regarding marsh use and development. The study proposed to verify no elaborate model of decision making nor did it attempt to chronicle the events of marsh controversies in complete case studies. Instead, it focused on mapping the microcosm of opinions and perceptions that decision makers and elites bring to the marshland debates. The authors believe that the results of the survey will supply useful input for political decision making in the Carolinas and -- most importantly -- will suggest some common political problems and potentials of marsh development for other sections of the United States


28 pages; available for download at the link below.


South Carolina, public attitudes, opinion poll, wetlands, coastal zone management, environmental policy