Inter-risk comparison




Couch, E.A.C.
Wilson, R.

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American Chemical Society


The comparison of different actions or processes for their risk content is contingent on the performance of some sort of risk assessment, which consists of the evaluation of some measure(s) of risk for those actions or processes. The particular measure(s) will depend on the reason for the assessment, for no single measure of risk is known which can encompass all aspects of risk. The need to evaluate risk measures usually requires an extrapolation of observations to new situations, a task performed by adopting models to describe how the measures vary. Such a procedure introduces various uncertainties which should be incorporated into any statements about risk. To put health risks from chemicals into perspective we compare some measures of risk for various aspects of everyday life with similar measures of risk from chemicals. In both cases we outline the models used in the risk assessment and the uncertainties in the values obtained.


pgs. 97-112


actions, risk, comparision, measurement, assessment