Draft environmental assessment of a proposed flood protection system for the city of Texas City, Texas.




Espey, Huston and Associates, Incorporated

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Espey, Huston and Associates, Incorporated


The City of Texas City, Texas proposes to construct a flood protection system north of the city, along the southern shore of Moses Lake. The system would consist of an earthen levee, a drainage channel behind the levee, and a pumping station near each extreme of the levee. The proposed project is anticipated to have certain impacts on the environmental, social, and economic resources of the Texas City area. The purpose of this report is to: (1) identify, quantify, and discuss these impacts; (2) to discuss possible means of lessening the detrimental impacts; (3) to discuss alternatives to the proposed project; and (4) to draw conclusions as to the ultimate impact of the proposed project after possible mitigative measures have been considered.


86 p.


flood control, levees, environmental impact, sociological aspects, economics, construction