Survey of marine wetland and estuarine water quality and ecological problems in Corps of Engineers field offices. Final Report




Hamilton, Peter

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U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station


This report presents the results of a survey of Corps of Engineers (CE) field offices that have coastal zone responsibilities. The purpose of this survey was to investigate existing or anticipated water quality and ecological problems associated with CE activities in marshes and estuaries. Emphasis was placed on identifying those problems amenable to analysis through application of predictive modeling techniques. The identified problems represent the perceptions of the field personnel as interpreted by Science Applications, Inc. In some cases, perceived problems have been extensively research or are being presently studied. The survey was designed to identify problems perceived by the field offices and may not reflect current understanding. Three general problems were emphasized by all of offices: (a) the uniqueness of the specific environments in their District; (b) water quality and environmental problems are functions of local concerns of the public; and (c) there is a need to evaluate effects of a change in physical regime on an estuary...


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marine wetland, estuarine water quality, ecological problems, corps of engineers, coastal zone management, wetland conservation, estuarine area conservation, water quality management