Intensive survey of the Houston Ship Channel system: segment 1001-San Jacinto River tidal, segment 1005-Houston Ship Channel, segment 1006-Houston Ship Channel, segment 1007-Houston Ship Channel, segment 2426-Tabbs Bay, segment 2427-San Jacinto Bay, segment 2429-Scott Bay, segment 2430-Burnett Bay, August 3-4, 1982: hydrology, field measurements, water chemistry




Kirkpatrick, J.S.

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Texas Water Commission


An intensive survey of the Houston Ship Channel (HSC) system, consisting of the HSC Turning Basin (Segment 1007), the upper HSC (Segment 1006), the lower HSC (Segment 1005), San Jacinto River tidal (Segment (1001), Tabbs Bay (Segment 2426), San Jacinto Bay (Segment 2427), Scott Bay (Segment 2429) and Burnett Bay (Segment 2430), was conducted August 2-5, 1982, by the Texas Department of Water Resources (predecessor agency of the Texas Water Commission). Twenty-four tributary stations, four side bays and fifty-four major wastewater discharges were sampled over a twenty-four hour period from August 3 to August 4. Field data (temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH and Data collected during this study revealed poor water quality of Buffalo Bayou, Houston Ship Channel Segments 1007 and 1006, and most tributaries. The lower HSC, San Jacinto River tidal, Tabbs Bay, San Jacinto Bay, Scott Bay and Burnett Bay were generally compliant with their respective segment criteria. These data were used to verify the Houston Ship Channel water quality model which was an integral part of the Houston Ship Channel Waste Load Evaluation report, published in July 1984.


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wastewater; water sampling; chemical analysis; water currents; water quality; models