Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) Program: Application Forms with Instructions


A Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) helps your community participate in decisionmaking at eligible Superfund sites. TAG funds are available to pay for independent technical advisors to help you understand information, plans, and documents about the cleanup of the Superfund site affecting you and a range of related issues, including redevelop and reuse, public health concerns, and relocation. A portion of TAG funds also can be used to publish newsletters, obtain relevant supplies and equipment, or hire a grant administrator. This booklet provides everything you need to apply for a TAG for your group. This application package has been updated to be consistent with the new rules for the TAG program that took effect in October 2000. The package provides simple, clear, step-by-step directions for preparing your application and completing all the forms required and includes samples to show you what to do in each section. The package also includes a complete set of blank forms, so you can fill in the necessary information for your group.


56 pages; available for download at the link below.


grant funding, environmental protection