Surface circulation in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico as deduced from drift bottles.




Temple, R.F.
Martin, J.A.

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U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service


Drift bottles were released monthly at predetermined stations in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico from February 1962 to December 1963. Of the total 7,863 bottles released, 12% (953) were recovered with 30 days after release. Analysis of the monthly recoveries revealed seasonal shifts in the flow of surface waters. Between September and February the dominant flow was west along the Louisiana and east Texas coasts, shifting southwest along the southern Texas coast. Between March and May, currents underwent a transitional period, shifting to the north and onshore, particularly along the south and central Texas coast. Converging currents, also apparently along the south Texas coast, appeared to progress up the coast with time. In June and July the surface flow was to the northeast and east. August was another transitional period with currents appearing to weaken and turning onshore. Movements of surface waters appeared directly related to prevailing winds.


13 p.


surface circulation, drift bottles, current data