Benthic recovery on new work dredged material in Galveston Bay, Texas


1995 1917


Ray G
Clarke D
Rutgers-the State Univ. NBNUIMCS Grassle JP
Kelsey A
Oates E
Snelgrove PV

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Deepening of the Houston Ship Channel, Galveston Bay, Texas, may involve open-water disposal of new work material consisting of highly cohesive Pleistocene clays. Concern has arisen about potential long-term reduction in secondary production. To address this concern, the recovery of benthos on experimental plots of dredged material was initiated in 1990. Infauna and sediments were sampled in March, June and September from 1991 to 1994. After initial depressions, most biological parameters (Taxa Richness, Abundance, Biomass, and Species Composition) had recovered to pre-disposal conditions within eighteen months




ASW,USA,Texas,Galveston Bay, biomass, dredged samples, ecosystem resiliance, O 1070 Ecology/Community Studies, Q1 01462 Benthos, sedimentation, species diversity, USA, zoobenthos