Texas artificial reef fishery management plan Volume 3: Executive Summary




Stephan, C.D.
Dansby, B.G.
Osburn, H.R.
Matlock, G.C.
Riechers, R.K.
Rayburn, R.

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Coastal Fisheries Branch


Artificial reefs can be used with other fishery management techniques designed to achieve optimum yield from fisheries. The Texas legislature recognized this potential with the passage of the artificial reef act of 1989, which directed the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to promote, develop, maintain, monitor, and enhance the artificial reef potential in state waters and federal waters adjacent to Texas. The Texas Artificial Reef Plan is a product of a process designed to maximize the input of those interested groups most affected by the placement of artificial reefs in salt waters. The Plan has been reviewed by the Texas Artificial Reef Advisory Committee, created to advise and make recommendations to the Department on the details and specifications of the plan, in accordance with Chapter 89 of Texas Parks and Wildlife Code. Implementation of the Texas Artificial Reef Plan should insure the continued enhancement of the fishery resources and fishing oppurtunities for future Texans. By doing so, many other Texas and visitors to Texas will benefit directly and indirectly.


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artificial reefs, fishery management, offshore structures, fishery resources, commercial fishing, reefs, recreation, offshore operations