Guide for Preparation of Quality Assurance Project Plans for the National Estuarine Program


This document presents guidance for completing the elements of a QA project plan specified by OWRS QA-1, "Guidance for the Preparation of Combined Work/Quality Assurance Project Plans for Environmental Monitoring," May 1984. Further guidance for preparation of QA project plans may be obtained by consulting OWRS QA-1 (EPA, 1984) and QAMS-005/80, "Interim Guidelines and Specifications for Preparing Quality Assurance Project Plans" (EPA, 1980). The guidance presented in this document includes examples from projects similar to those that have been conducted under Comprehensive Estuarine Management -- Pollution and Abatement (66.456, 40 CFR 29), commonly known as the "Bays Program." Because Bays Program studies are varied, each example is not relevant for each type of study. Additional guidance can be obtained from the EPA Project Monitors.


40 pages; available for download at the link below.


quality assurance program, national estuary program, estuarine ecology, federal program participation, federal guidelines