Estimation of the Contribution of Streams toward Material Loading to the Galveston Bay System



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University of Texas at Austin


The main objective of this study was the calculation and analysis of material loading, due to streams and rivers, into Galveston Bay for a twenty year period (1969-1988). Specific objectives are summarized below: 1. Review previous literature involving the performance of different methods for estimating stream loading and review, as well, literature giving historical estimates of loading into Galveston Bay; 2. Obtain and manipulate into computer spreadsheets, United States Geological Survey (USGS) flow and water quality data; 3. Compute the loading of materials into Galveston Bay from eight different streams using three different estimation methods; and 4. Analyze calculated stream loading estimates against historical stream loading estimates and analyze the calculated stream loading values for discrepancies of values among the difference estimation methods and watersheds, while recognizing and evaluating trends in certain constituent loading rates.


141 pages


sediments, turbidity, freshwater inflow