Houston-Galveston Navigation Channels Texas Project. Report 2. Two-dimensional numerical modeling of hydrodynamics




Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Stn. VMUHL

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The Houston-Galveston Channel Project consists of about 65 miles of deepwater channels leading from the Gulf of Mexico to the Houston Turning Basin at the head of navigation and Galveston Channel, a side channel from Bolivar Roads to Galveston Harbor. The present channel dimensions are 400 ft wide and 40 ft deep at the mean low tide for most of the channel. The Galveston Channel is 1,125 ft wide and 40 ft deep at the mean low tide. This study used the T levels and currents of different channel design conditions for Houston Galveston navigation channels. These hydrodynamic conditions were used in a separate ship simulator study. Water level measurements at six tide gages and velocity measurements taken during a 11-hr survey on 18-20 July 1990 at five current stations were used to verify the model. A different subset of water levels from 20-22 November 1990 were used to further verify the model. Galveston Bay, Hydrodynamic model, Navigation channel




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