Coastal Fisheries Plan, 1985-1986




Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


The objectives are: 1.) to recommend management strategies for the aquatic marine resources to the Division Director, Executive Director, Commission and Legislature based on the results of research and monitoring programs and the best scientific information available; 2.) to determine the sizes and changes in the sizes of finfish and shellfish populations caused by environmental conditions and fishing; 3.) to determine the landings of marine species and the associated social and economic characteristics of the fisheries; 4.) to develop mariculture techniques for selected species and make the information available to commercial mariculturists in Texas; and 5.) to educate the consumer regarding high quality, wholesome seafood products.


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recommendations, management strategies, aquatic marine resources, results of research and monitoring, size and changes of finfish, shellfish populations, marine species, economic characteristics of fisheries, seafood products