Study of Oyster Growth and Population Structure of the Public Reefs in East Bay, Galveston Bay and Trinity Bay - Survey of Oyster Populations and Associated Organisms


A moderate set of spat was observed throughout the bay in June and July. A light spat set also occurred in September and October on reefs in the middle and lower bay areas. The fall set was not found in upper Trinty Bay. The majority of the oysters were less than three years of age although remnant population of oysters over five years old were occasionally found. Some oysters reached legal size at two and one-half years of age but most of the market sized oysters were over three years old. The incidence of the fungus organism, Dermocystidium marinum, increased in late summer and early fall. As a result, mortalities among the older oysters were expected to increase. However, no unusual mortalities were noted by the end of the sample period. The 1961-62 oyster harvest was generally confined to Todd's Dump and Hanna's Reef. Oysters were good in quality but not exceptional. During the 1962-63 season oyster boats speard out and worked several reefs which had been unproductive in past years. Both the quality and quantity of oysters were better than in previous years.


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oysters, marine molluscs, life history, growth, population dynamics, oyster fisheries