Spill response map series: Coastal region. Volumes 1 and 2.




Texas Water Commission

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Texas Water Commission


To effectively deal with the problems associated with spills of oil or other hazardous substances in the Coastal Region, the following series of Coastal Spill Response Maps for use on a State, regional or local level have been prepared. Designed for on-site or remote useage, the maps and related support data provide rapid access to informaiton of value to response decisionmaking. Such diverse requirements as the issuance of warnings, selection of equipment deployment points, the identification of fish and wildlife habitats, and identification of the degree of environmental sensitivity for an area may be satisfied through use of these maps and data. Species key codes, species sensitivity diagrams, and oil persistency diagrams for varying shoreline types are also provided.


Vol. 1 -- 34 maps and text (oversize); Vol. 2 -- 192 p.


oil spills, oil removal, oil pollution, oil spill response, endangered species, rare species, threatened species, habitat, hydrographic data, maps