Texas Barrier Islands Region Ecological Characterization: Environmental Synthesis Papers




Shew DM; Baumann RH; Fritts TH; Dunn LS

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This report is a synthesis of selected environmental literature for the Texas Barrier Islands Region and is a part of the Texas Barrier Islands Region Ecological Characterization Study. The Texas Barrier Islands Region is defined to include the coastal counties and extends 64 km inland and offshore to the State-Federal demarcation. These papers deal with six drainage basins along the Texas coast: Galveston, Matagorda-Brazos, San Antonio, Copano-Aransas, Corpus Christi and Laguna Madre; as well as, the marine system offshore. The papers address the geology, climate, hydrology and hydrography, and the biology of each basin. This study is intended to serve as a general reference work and as a guide to the literature, and is designed to be used in planning for the requirements of OCS oil and gas development and coastal zone management




47 Ocean Sciences & Technology;48B Natural Resources & Earth Sciences: Natural Resource Management;57H Medicine & Biology: Ecology;97R Energy: Environmental Studies;Amphibia;Barrier islands;Barrier Islands Region;Baseline studies;Basins;Biology;Birds;Climate;Coastal zone management;Counties;Crude oil;Drainage;Ecology;Endangered species;Fish;Fishes;Galveston;Galveston bay;General;Geology;Hydrography;Hydrology;Invertebrates;Land;Mammals;Management;Marine;Marine biology;Marine geology;Natural gas;Ocean currents;Offshore drilling;Planning;Reptiles;Requirements;Sediments;Synthesis;Texas;United States;Vegetation;Wildlife;