An application for a management program development grant, Sec. 305 PL 92-583 Title III. Management of the coastal zone.




Texas General Land Office.

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Texas General Land Office.


The proposed development of a coastal zone management program for Texas has arisen from the growing awareness that current coastal problems are becoming increasingly complex due to conflicts over use of our finite coastal environment. The state's goal is to achieve a balance between environmental quality and economic development in the coastal zone. The purpose of this proposal is to obtain needed funds to assist in the development of a management process by which this balance can be achieved. Bob Armstrong, Commissioner of the General Land Office, has been designated by the Governor to prepare the state's management program application and to receive its development grant. A number of Texas agencies--federal, state, regional, and local-- and other appropriate entities will assist in development of the management program. Public participation in the formulation of the program is essential to public and legislative approval of the program. The state's work plan for management program development embodies a planning process which, by operating within the framework of requirements specified by NOAA for federal assistance, will accomplish four objectives: (1) the delineation of boundaries of the Texas coastal zone; (2) the articulation of meaningful state goals for use of the coastal zone; (3) the design of a viable permanent management mechanism; and (4) the formulation of the planning process and the proposed management mechanism. At the end of the three-year development program in June, 1977, Texas should have the basic tools, structure, and needed legislation to implement a management program which reflects the reasonable wishes of the people of Texas within the environmental, socio-economic and political framework of the Texas coastal zone.


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coastal zone, coastal zone management, natural resources, economic analysis, mineral resources, barrier islands, wetlands, legislation, environment management, government policy, planning, water supply, population density, resource management