Collections by the Oregon in the Gulf of Mexico. List of crustaceans, mollusks, and fishes identified from collections made by the exploratory fishing vessel Oregon in the Gulf of Mexico and adjacent seas 1950 through 1955.




Springer, S.
Bullis, H.R., Jr.

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United States Dept of the Interior - Fish and Wildlife Service


Beginning in the summer of 1950 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service carried out a variety of fishing operations with the exploratory fishing vessel Oregon in the Gulf of Mexico. Conventional fishing gear and special modifications of the usual types of gear were used to determine what fishery resources are available to the Gulf fishing industry and to bring attention to the possibilities for production of unused or neglected resources, either in fishing grounds or in unexploited kinds of fishery products. The program of exploration was prepared by the staff of the Exploratory Fishing and Gear Development Section along lines suggested by the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission. The primary objectives were exploration and gear studies designed to give immediate assistance to the Gulf fishing industry. Reports on the results of this work have been published from time to time in Commercial Fisheries Review.


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biological collections, marine fish, marine crustaceans, taxonomy, check lists, marine molluscs, exploratory fishing