The use of diatom populations as a measure of water quality in selected areas of Galveston Bay and Chocolate Bayou




Hohn, M.H.

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University of Texas, Institute of Marine Science


By use of the truncated log normal distribution, analysis has been made of the diatom population from several areas in Chocolate and Galveston Bays, Tex. The results of these analyses were compared with the results of concurrent biological surveys. A chi-square goodness of fit test indicated the Catherwood Diatometer developed random, reproducible samples of diatoms. The drastic change in the shape of the diatom curve in polluted environments was shown to be correlated with a similar change in the species diversity of the flora and fauna of the biological survey. The structure of the diatom flora was the same as that previously found in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, under similar ecological and chemical conditions.


pgs. 206-212


water quality, diatoms, algae, population dynamics, biological surveys, indicator species