The effects of a steam-electric generating plant on suitability of adjacent estuarine waters for growth of phytoplankton.




Kelsey, J.A.

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Texas A&M University.


The effects of Houston Lighting and Power Company's Cedar Bayou Generating Station upon suitability of the adjacent estuarine waters for phytoplankton growth were investigated during the period from September 19, 1971 through October 19, 1972. Medium suitability bioassays were conducted on samples from eight locations by fluorometrically measuring the growth of Skeletonema costatum and naturally occurring mixed phytoplankton populations in an artificial seawater medium (NH-15), filter sterilized sample water and a 1:1 mixture of the NH-15 and sterile sample medium. Duplicate sets of assay samples were incubated for 5-days at 20 C and at the discharge water temperature. Phytoplankton standing crop estimates and simulated in situ primary production rate measurements were made on samples from the eight stations mentioned above and at three additional stations. Hydrological measurements, including conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, surface temperature and pH were recorded with each water sample.


109 p., Thesis


pollution effects, thermal pollution, temperature effects, bioassays, phytoplankton, growth, Skeletonema costatum