Saving our streams: to preserve Galveston Bay




Uhl, Norm

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KHOU, Houston


This movie addresses the issue of non-point source pollution or pointless pollution. The issue of life-style changes that must be made in order to protect the Galveston Bay. The source of most of the pollution that ends up in the bay comes from the Houston area. Houston's litter travels the waterway system and drains into Galveston Bay. Forty percent of the Exxon Valdez spill enters into the Bay from Houston by oil and gasoline that has spilled onto the pavement and eventually ends up polluting our environment. Oil and gasoline are not the only contaminates that are carried into the Bay by way of water, fertilizers also cause an abundant amount of damage. Excess fertilizers are put into the soil and eventually they are washed out and end up in the Bay causing algae blooms, which will result in fish kills. This video stresses the importance of change in our actions to preserve the beauty of the Galveston Bay.


1 videocassette (25 min.)


agricultural pollution, oil pollution, water pollution, nonpoint source pollution, pointless pollution, watering your waste line, taking out the trash, nature's way, paradise lost, water, pollution