Summary of findings and conclusions of West Galveston Bay: prepared for Exxon Company, U.S.A.




Dames and Moore.

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Exxon Corporation


Dames & Moore, consultants in the environmental and applied earth sciences, was retained by Exxon Company, U.S.A. to evaluate the impact of drilling an exploratory well in Galveston's West Bay. The investigation was initiated by a review of available literature, site reconnaissance, and discussions with professional biologists knowledgeable of the West Bay area. During the course of the personal contacts, we were able to determine the data base available for evaluating the impacts of drilling on the local biota. Personal contacts were followed by collecting additional literature pertinent to the areas of concern. The literature was reviewed and summarized and subsequently became the basis for a portion of the case Exxon will present. Items considered during this investigation included an evaluation of the geology of the area, the past history of the petroleum industry within West Bay, the biota and water quality of West Bay and the impacts this project may impart to the biota and water quality.


15 p.


drilling, estuaries, ecosystems, marshes, environmental impact, oil and gas exploration