Dermowatch: A web-based approach for managing Perkinsus marinus disease of oysters


2001 2001 Jan 21


Ray SM
Soniat TM
Kortright EV

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A web site called Dermo Watch ( has been established to help manage Perkinsus marinus (= Dermocystidium marinum) disease of eastern oysters, Crassostrea virginica. The main page provides the most recent data for nine stations in Galveston Bay, Texas. Data include water temperature (T) and salinity (S), weighted incidence (WI) and percent infection, and estimated time to a critical level of disease (t sub(Crit)). Archived historical data for each site is available from the main page and via a map of the Bay. With a utility called the Dermo Calculator, the web site is useful wherever Dermo disease is found. The Dermo Calculator allows anyone with information on water T and S, oyster length (L), and initial WI of disease to calculate a t sub(Crit). A prototype utility has also been developed that uses real-time values for water T and S from a fixed monitoring station. The utility requires input of the time period of interest and L; it returns, in graphical form, a time course of T, S and t sub(Crit). More frequent values of T and S permit more frequent estimates of t sub(Crit) and should increase the reliability of the model




Animal diseases, ASW,USA,Texas, biological, Crassostrea, Crassostrea virginica, Critical level of disease, Dermo Watch, Eastern oyster, Galveston Bay, Information centres, Information services, Monitoring, Oyster culture, oyster fisheries, Oysters, Perkinsus marinus, Q1 01484 Species interactions: parasites and diseases, Q3 01587 Diseases of Cultured Organisms, Salinity, Temperature, Texas, USA, water, water temperature