Dermowatch: A new tool for managing Perkinsus marinus disease in Eastern Oysters, Crassostrea virginica


2000 2000


Soniat TM
Kortright EV
Ray SM

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A website called DermoWatch has been established ( to track the progression of Perkinsus marinus (= Dermocystidium marinum) in Galveston Bay and allow users from other locations to also calculate a time to a critical level of disease (t sub(Crit)). Data on water temperature (T) and salinity (S), initial level of disease and oyster length are entered. An embedded model converts measured weighted incidence (WI) values and the critical WI to parasite number (a WI of 1.5 is considered critical), calculates a rate of change (r) of the parasite population using measured values of T and S, and solves for t sub(Crit) by simulation. Estimates of t sub(Crit) from Galveston Bay and other areas should support decisions concerning transplanting infected oysters to lower salinity areas, harvesting heavily-infected populations early, and diverting freshwater into high-salinity estuaries




ASW,USA,Texas,Galveston Bay, biological, Crassostrea, Crassostrea virginica, Critical level of disease, Disease control, Disease transmission, Eastern oyster, estuaries, Fishery management, Galveston Bay, O 1070 Ecology/Community Studies, Oyster culture, Oysters, Parasitic diseases, Perkinsus marinus, Populations, Q1 01484 Species interactions: parasites and diseases, Q3 01587 Diseases of Cultured Organisms, Salinity, Salinity effects, Shellfish, Shellfish culture, Shellfish fisheries, simulation, Temperature, USA, water, water temperature