AQUATOX for Windows: A Modular Fate and Effects Model for Aquatic Ecosystems - Release 1 - Volume 2: Technical Documentation



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United States Environmental Protection Agency


The ecosystem model AQUATOX is one of the few general ecological risk models that represents the combined environmental fate and effects of toxic chemicals. The model also represents conventional pollutants, such as nutrients and sediments, and considers several trophic levels, including attached and planktonic algae, submerged aquatic vegetation, several types of invertebrates, and several types of fish. It has been implemented for streams, small rivers, ponds, lakes, and reservoirs. The AQUATOX model is described in these documents. Volume 1: User's Manual describes the usage of the model. Because the model is menu-driven and runs under Microsoft Windows on microcomputers, it is user-friendly and little guidance is required. Volume 2: Technical Documentation provides detailed documentation of the concepts and constructs of the model so that its suitability for given applications can be determined. Volume 3: Validation Studies presents three model validation studies performed for different environmental stressors and in different waterbody types.


172 pages; available for download at the link below.


ecosystem modeling, water quality - computer simulation, computer modeling, environmental protection