Trace metal concentrations in marine organisms




Eisler, R.

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Pergamon Press


The present account has four main objectives. The first is to summarize the world literature published since 1953 on trace metal and metalloid concentrations in field populations of marine, estuarine, and oceanic life... A second objective is to synthesize existing information on biomagnification potential of each element by various groups of marine biota. In most cases, the realtion between concentrations of selected metals in biological tissues has little direct relation to concentrations of the same metal in the organism's immediate geophysical environment including sediments, sediment interstitial waters, and water column. The reasons for this are explored. A third goal is to present interpretive summaries of biomarine laboratory studies on uptake, retention, and translocation of metals, including radiolabeled species where appropriate..... Accordingly, the final objective is to provide documentation of biological and abiotic factors known to modify accumulationpatterns of metals and metalloids in marine organisms. This subject will be developed as fully as possible.


687 pgs.


trace metals, marine organisms, algae and macrophytes, protista, porifera, coelenterata, mollusca, crustacea, insecta, chaetognatha, annelida, echinodermata, elasmobranchii, tunicata, teleostei, reptilia, aves, mammalia