Bibliography on Hurricanes and Severe Storms of the Coastal Plains Region




Coastal Plains Center for Marine Development Services

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The accompanying bibliography has been produced for use by regional and urban planners, land developers, legislators, government administrators, scientists, engineers, and all others who are or may be concerned with aspects of the problems of occurrence of, protection against, and recovery from hurricanes and severe storms in the Coastal Plains Region. It is assumed that the main users of the bibliography will be persons seeking specific literature identified through the indices and abstracts. Other users of this publication may be more interested in a selective identification of literature for background information. For the latter group, 58 titles have been chosen from among the approximately 450 in the files of the Coastal Plains Center, for inclusion in lists immediately following this introductory statement. They offer a guide to general literature for non-technical readers, general and historical material of interest to scientists and engineers, and publications on economic effects for a varied audience.


71 pages


hurricanes, meteorology, disasters, environmental effects, bibliographies