Species diversity and ecosystem structure.




Bechtel, Timothy J., B.J. Copeland, Bob D. Whitefield

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The University of Texas, Marine Science Institute at Port Aransas


Diversity and structure of the Galveston Bay estuarine ecosystem under existing conditions was part of the original work plan of the Galveston Bay study. The objectives were: (1) to determine at some level the existing diversity and ecological structure of the Galveston Bay system under existing conditions in order to evaluate the present effects of waste loading on the ecology of the system. (2) Attempt to relate the diversity and ecological response to the physical and chemical characterisitics of the estuary. (3) Attempt to relate ecological response to waste loadings and input areas of the Galveston estuary in such a manner that modeling could be facilitated and management could be initiated to protect the important ecology of the largest and most important bay system of Texas. (4) To relate the existing ecology to the existing freshwater input and define the relationship between maintenance of a desirable ecosystem and the quality and quantity of freshwater inputs.


pgs. 3-178


species diversity, ecosystems, estuaries, estuarine environments